Hackers Got 2 Years in Prison in the Event of DDoS Attack

A hacker who was behind the attack on Daybreak Games (Game Company), previously known as Sony Online Entertainment is going to prison for this crime. The US Attorney Office announced on Tuesday that Austin Thompson Of Utah is to be put behind bars for the next 27 months of his life.
Thompson, who was of 23 years old at the time, was proved guilty in connections with attacks in late 2013. DerpTrolling (Thompson’s Group) was behind attacks on plus Battle.net, League of Legends, and Dota in 2013.

About six months later, a group emerged as Lizard Squad who also targeted the SOE and they went as far as to make a Bomb Threat on a flight carrying the President but Thompson was not involved in these attacks.

DerpTrolling’s Twitter account on January 2014 said that Federal Agents had shown up on their doorsteps but they escaped through the bathroom. Now, Thompson’s plea agreement said that he was actually in charge of that account.
The prosecutors said that:

“DerpTrolling’s Twitter account was used to inform that an attack was imminent and then they share pictures of downed servers after the attack”.

Prosecutors in the United States of America & Finland also convicted 2 members of the Lizard Squad for their involvement in attacks on the same target in 2014. Zachary Buchta, 20 years old, got 3 months in federal prison and ordered to pay $350,000 after his guilty plea in 2017. The other person, Julius Zivimaki was convicted in Finland in the year 2015. He received 2 years in prison.

Coming to Thompson, he will begin serving his sentence from 23rd of August and he is also to pay $95,000 to Daybreak Game Company.

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